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Diadora M. Winner RB Italy LT MDPU

$188.99 $269.99

A shoe legendary, entered the hearts of all the fans, thanks to the exploits of a champion like Roberto Baggio: we are talking about the Diadora Match Winner RB Italy, one of footwear's most famous and popular of always.

Assembled in Italy, the shoe football Diadora Match Winner has a Calf skin leather upper with water-repellent and quilted in the front, which gives you a softness of touch to the extreme.

Double Action system, designed to absorb shock, and the particular shape of the removable bi-density insole, the shoe neutralises all negative vibrations to maintain stability during play.

With the microfiber interior Hydro, the foot remains dry even in wet conditions, while the 12 conical studs guarantees an absolute grip on natural soils at the bottom of the compact, or synthetic soft.

Wearing history: choose the shoe of the great champions, choose the shoe football Diadora Match Winner.

Diadora M. Winner RB Italy Leather MDPU Cleats


  • Upper: Calf Skin leather and quilted front to guarantee maximum softness to the touch
  • Sole: Differentiated density polyurethane with 12 fixed studs
  • Water-repellent upper with great touch and comfort.
  • Double Action system