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Oregon Deer 2 (New Model)


Oregon Deer 02 stick, crafted for a beginner level, has a 24 mm Pro bow curve located at 250 mm from the bottom of the stick, which maximizes the passing and shooting combined with 50% premium Japanese carbon composition and double channel construction for perfect balance between power and control.




The Pro bow increases passing and shooting for all rounder players; Soft touch area provides a wonderful feeling on the first touch through the hands; A stiffness through the shaft to aid accuracy when passing; Weight around 535g increases the ball control and power 


50% carbon provides perfect balance between control and power ;


Balance at 390 mm is made for superb manoeuvrability with a comfortable perforated premium PU grip, handle diameter of 30 mm

Vibration dampening

The stiffness of the carbon is offset by the PE/EVA foam under the grip and the double channel construction


Our products are made of premium 20 layers of composite material and quality components which will increase their durability. Packaging Eco-friendly polyester sleeve 


Head 45° angle with silica face 


Bowpoint is located at 250 mm from the bottom of the stick for a perfect Pro bow curve