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OBO Robo Hot Pants


The OBO Robo Hotpants are designed for the elite goalkeepers that need the highest level of protection. The Robo Hotpants are a 'strap-in' style padded short that keeps the protection while allowing you to have the mobility and agility needed to be a keeper.


  • Tight fitting protective pants which are easy to move in but require a set of protective overshorts to avoid unnecessary wear to the lycra materials.
  • The Hotpants are constructed from a top quality Lycra material which has lots of stretch.
  • This stretch, coupled with very careful placement of the protection panels means you will be able to move very easily, and therefore quickly.
  • Protection is provided by 13 individual panels of foam. Areas needing the most protection are covered by panels that combine closed cell foam and formed polyethylene plastic.
  • This combination gives maximum protection. Areas requiring less protection feature panels of closed cell foam. All panels are backed by soft open cell foams.
  • This increases protection and takes the sting away from the ball contact.
  • Protection is extended upwards around the kidney area.
  • OBO Hot Pants have a waist belt and front velcro to ensure there is a perfect fit and to also ensure they do not move around the body during extreme (and amazing) movements.
 Size Guide Small Medium Large
Your Height 140-159cm 160-189cm 190-210cm
Waist 65-100cm 65-100cm 75-130cm
Leg Circumference 37-47cm 38-47cm 58-66cm