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OBO Cloud Hot Pants


Cool to use, hot protection, quick dress… and undress.

Similar to the ROBO Hotpants. Waist belt and rear waist adjustment ensure a perfect fit. Multi-paneled hip flexor protection, rib protection and triple density hip pad for protection when sliding. Fourteen foam panels provide all around protection. Pelvic or groin protection must be purchased separately.

Overpants are recommended to wear over Hot Pants to help prolong the life of your Hot Pants.

  Small Medium Large XL
Your Height 140-159cm 160-189cm 190-210cm 190-210cm
Your Waist 65-100cm 65-100cm 75-130cm 96-160cm
Protection Panel Height 20cm 22cm 27.5cm 28cm
Leg Circumference 37-47cm 38-47cm 58-66cm 60-70cm