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Canterbury Stampede Elite SG Adult Rugby Shoe | Macey's Sports

Canterbury Stampede Elite SG

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The boot built for forwards by Canterbury of New Zealand. This iteration of the Stampede series from Canterbury has many key improvements over its predecessor. Most notably the new ‘Power-Cage’ technology in the heel of the boot provide the best ankle support ever seen in the Stampede series. They also have a padded and flexible tongue design to reduce friction and increase comfort.

This version is also 20% lighter than the previous Stampede boot making it more comfortable to wear throughout the match. They have an inversion and eversion skin which provides midfoot support to avoid foot and ankle rolling. The upper is made from high quality synthetic leather with rubber embossed detail. The outsoles of these boots have 8 aluminium studs and have reinforcement zones for durability, stability in the rear and midfoot and flexibility in the forefoot.